Whether you are an equity or salaried partner, or a senior lawyer seeking a partnership opportunity, JLegal invites you to work with us. We will introduce you to confidential partnership opportunities, provide you with real-time specialist market intelligence, assist you to prepare a personalised business proposal, provide succinct career and coaching strategies, and negotiate the most favourable remuneration packages for you and your team.

The JLegal Partner & Practice Acquisition team has solid experience recruiting partners and teams to law firms across Australia as well as London, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, the Middle East and other parts of the world. We have also helped firms to establish and populate their new offices.

 We have a thorough knowledge of the legal landscape and have strong relationships with partners across a broad range of law firms, which enable us to identify and attract partners and teams who are open to new opportunities.

You can rest assured that all communication is treated with the utmost confidence and sensitivity, integrity and respect.