Could negative feelings be affecting your job search?

Tuesday September 15, 2020

It’s been a long and well documented fact that, being in the right mind set is essential for anyone going in search of legal jobs or roles in any other profession, say the researchers from the UNSW Business School.

This is especially the case for those who have been looking for their next challenge for a long time, as the situation can become increasingly frustrating and demoralising. Associate Professor Peter Heslin explained that people can often find themselves feeling hopeless, as the route to the ideal job can be paved with knockbacks and difficulties.

“Self-regulation is often required to prevent becoming distracted or discouraged and thus failing to persist until one’s job search objectives are accomplished,” noted Professor Heslin.

He emphasised that there are a wide range of factors that can influence self-regulation, with many of them a result of upbringing and genetic makeup. However, it is possible for jobseekers to change the way they deal with setbacks so they can use the experience to a more positive end.

It is essential for anyone looking for employment to avoid becoming distracted or dissuaded throughout their job search. Otherwise, they could find themselves becoming more anxious about what the future might have in store, further hampering their chances of securing their next legal job 

Professor Heslin emphasised that it is all too easy to become disillusioned about a job search, but this can in turn make it more difficult for people to achieve their dream roles. This is especially important at the moment, when the world seems to be in crazy unprecedented times.  However, now is not the time to stop the search.  Now is the time to keep ahead of the competition. After the hiatus will come the recovery and you don’t want to be behind the curve.