Company Secretary

Leaders in the domains of company secretarial and governance functions assume a pivotal role in upholding the ethics and integrity of organizations, especially during periods of change and uncertainty. Their objective is to aid the business in attaining its commercial and strategic goals while minimizing risks, ensuring compliance with the law, and adhering to the highest standards of governance processes.

JLegal Australia possesses extensive expertise in the selection of a comprehensive range of company secretary and governance roles, spanning from Board Administrator to Assistant Company Secretary, up to Group Company Secretary and Head of Governance.

The demand for highly skilled professionals in company secretarial and governance roles has seen a notable rise, prompting many companies to appoint a “Chief Governance Officer” or an equivalent position. This trend is driven by the need to fortify frameworks and processes, fulfill legislative and regulatory obligations, and navigate through dynamic growth trajectories.

At JLegal, our reach extends across all industries in the corporate sector, with a wealth of experience serving ASX-listed and private companies, as well as the public sector. We boast a robust track record of appointing leaders, followed by the strategic building of their teams and, in some instances, entire functional units. Our commitment is to facilitate the seamless alignment of adept professionals with organizations seeking to strengthen their company secretarial and governance capacities.