The Job Hunt

Friday October 2, 2020

Job hunting can be a quite a daunting process, not to mention quite lengthy and sometimes wearisome. What some people don’t realise is that job hunting is a full-time job and requires a lot of effort, organisation and motivation to complete. From searching job boards and websites, finding the right match between the job description and your qualifications, skills and requirements, tailoring your CV and cover letter as well as tracking all applications and following up when necessary. Not forgetting the actual interview process itself, which on its own take hours out of your day, when you account for preparation and meetings.

In fact, the average job search in Australia lasts approximately 82 days. That is why it’s essential you are prepared for this process. The first step to ensuring effective time management when job hunting is to truly think about your ideal role and what organisation you would like to work for. Knowing what you’re looking for and when to apply will save you a lot of time. Randomly applying for any and every role is actually counterproductive and a waste of your time.

Before applying, carefully read the job description and ask yourself if you meet the given criteria. Amazingly, less than 30% of applicants actually ‘qualify’ for the jobs they apply for. Whilst some wishful thinking never hurt, it is important to remain realistic within your job search and apply for roles that are attainable.

Once you’ve found a role you like, have completed some research and due diligence and ascertained whether you meet the criteria, skills and experiences needed, you should then modify your CV and cover letter accordingly. 63% of recruiters and hiring managers want to receive CVs and cover letters that are tailored to the open position. This extra effort will pay off. To put this into perspective, the average job attracts a very large number of applicants but not all of these applicants will get called in for an interview, so doing what you can to ensure you stand out from the crowd is essential.

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